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the bay area. public transit is not a good option for many of them. they could come and visit and support merchants, and they would be threatened. this in effect will have almost the same kind of impact as the plan to build 400 condos on the center. that would demolish the garage for to the wheel up to five years. this would be somewhat similar unless cpmc has adequate and satisfactory medications under the parking issues. one of the medications was to reserve 400 spaces in the japan center. well, they already have 400 spaces in japan center. that is for staff personally. so i do not quite understand how they could have another 400 unless they have plans to redirect their workers there,
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the staff to another site. that has not been explained and needs to be. the deir does not address cumulative impact on several other projects. namely, the 1481 " street project, which is proposed for 38 stories. that would have a significant impact, and that will be in the same timeframe as the cpmc project. alternative parking medication needs to be stored more fully -- explore more fully. but this is a very important issue for us because it means the economic survivability of our japantown merchants. they need to consider phasing
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the project so that the medical office building can be developed and the parking spaces used their initially and that we decrease the impact. another factor is that cpmc should force their contractors to obey the san francisco transit first policy. please have cpmc mitigate those factors. thank you. commissioner miguel: we are going to take a 10-minute break.
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>> [speaking spanish]
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>> i have eight years living in the tenderloin. i'm a mother of three children. my mother -- my children go to retting elementary. as you know, we walked a lot in the neighborhood, and we walked in the area where you are planning to build a hospital. our concern is that it will generate more traffic, which
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will be much more dangerous for families -- much more dangerous for pedestrians, particularly families. i feel like cars do not respect pedestrians or stop lights or velocity in the neighborhood. just yesterday, i was walking, picking up my children from school, and the driver did not want to respect my green light and the right for me to walk a crosswalk, so i just want to share with you that i'm really concerned about the traffic issue. commissioner miguel: thank you. [reading names] >> good afternoon, commissioners. i have lived here in san francisco for a long time. i'm 81 years old.
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i came around 1965, and i live in the neighborhood near the hospital until they evicted me illegally, but i am still fighting for justice. everybody in my neighborhood knows. i would like you to know that i have followed the hospital history, and i think my feeling is that ever since this corporation took over the hospital, for me, it has been a disaster because they are only concerned with making a lot of
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money. in a town like san francisco, we have a lot of evictions, as you know, evictions for nothing. that is what makes it even harder and more painful to live in san francisco, so you are the people that really can do something for us by intervening, of doing something that these people become awfully rich, and you probably have been reading the paper. many of them are making $800,000 a year. i live with $400 a year, and you see me still functioning. why do people have to make so much money, and i have one of my friends that one time, he had an injury when a car hit him on the
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knee. it was coming up, and another car came, and i went to visit him at the hospital, and i was horrified that he was charged $30,000 a day or $30,000 a month or something like that. why do they have to charge so much money? it is not good for the people. what about our social security? they are taking away our money for future generations. please save st. luke's hospital. the hospital has to live up to that level or less. st. luke's hospital first.
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thank you very much. [applause] >> good afternoon. thank you, members of the planning commission -- >> we need you to speak right into that microphone. >> i am a resident of san francisco. i have lived in the mission district area for 11 years, and i'm a mother of two young boys. i work for a financial company in san mateo for nine and a half years, and i have really wanted to find a job in san francisco so i would not be away from my family for long each day. i went to mission hiring hope for help in finding a job in san francisco. i interviewed for an office assistant position, and i have now been working with this project since april of this
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year. i had asked the planning commission project forward with their review and approval for the eir because i had seen the project being worked and long hours put together. i believe all issues have been truly analyzed. for me personal ones -- personally, this project means that i have growth opportunities in a career, that i can help support my family and stay in san francisco. this project will give me a job for many years. thank you. commissioner miguel: thank you. >> thank you for hearing my
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comments. i am a resident of san francisco. i resided in the south market district and am a low-income mother of two boys. i began working on this project in 2008. i have recently become an employee for first source as a full-time employee for the general contractor on the proposed van ness and geary project. i ask that the planning commission proceed forward with their draft environmental and fiber board because i really project alternatives have been analyzed. i have sat through careless internal meetings of the project and believe my colleagues have put their hearts into this -- how was internal meeting products. many of them have stayed in the office working nights and weekends to show that all aspects of the eir were covered
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and address. i have reviewed the documents, and it discloses the practice and that an adequate to meet the california environmental quality act. i ask that you please accept the draft eir and allow us to move forward with this building as a five-campus project. if this project moves forward, it will provide me with a stable career path and gain full benefits for years to come. it will also open job opportunities to residents of the san francisco community as well as providing us with the assurance and comfort of knowing that in the event of an emergency, we have -- we as residents and visitors of san francisco can be adequately covered by a state of the art medical facility. thank you. commissioner miguel: [reading names]
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if i have called your name, if you would come up. >> i am a district nurse at st. luke's hospital. there are lots of cpmc and sale witnesses here, and i asked for them to stand up so you can see. the number of patients in icu fluctuates because of the nature of service, but when cpmc says they have a 15-icu license that, in reality, we do not have sufficient nurses to operate 15 beds. once my patient family said to
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me, last time, when my mother was ill, you guys were full. he told me how difficult it was for a family with limited transportation to be with their elderly mother, who spoke only spanish, during hospitalization away from home. around the time he mentioned, our beds were fully occupied, and many of us worked 16 hours double shift. nobody could afford a time. cpmc plan is also going to take away -- i have sent patients avoid. some even walked up from hospital after a few months of intensely heavy sedation. as a nurse, as a human, i have wondered where cpmc will place
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those patients, where those people will live. no matter what kind of background people have, once they become ill or injured, they suffer, and they need care. concerning the population south of market, this has become essential to so many of their lives in the future. we need more beds, more services, more supplies, and more sustainable support to continue our service in the community. please help us. so many vulnerable people depend on this. thank you. [applause] commissioner miguel: thank you very much. if those people who stood are not going to speak, if you and anyone who have spoken could leave so others can sit down.
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>> all of you surrounding the door, and you have created a fire hazard. instead of just moving a few inches, could you come to the other side of the room? or find a seat that is open. >> good afternoon. i am a resident of san francisco and a client of the cpmc jobs program. i support the proposed long- range development program as represented in this draft environmental impact report. i believe that the planning department did a thorough and comprehensive job analyzing the proposed project and its alternatives. i am here today as a citizen and recipient of cpmc's free
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services, and although cpmc is just a hospital, they provide me with services to find a job, as i do have epilepsy, as a person with a disability. it is difficult for me to find a job in today's current environment and economy, and people like myself with epilepsy and a disability often have to overcome more obstacles than regular folks in the economy, so i find it difficult as a person. they have been there for me, and have been supportive of guiding me through the economy and how i
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can use my disability for benefits. i have been a client for about a year now, and received support and guidance from them. they have helped me with referrals, navigation, and websites to use, and how to survive through today's difficult economic times. i believe anyone can get a job, and i believe that anyone can reach their desired destination.
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care. pregnant women in labor will be forced to go across town by bus. thank you.
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>> think you. -- thank-you. >> thank you. i work for the general contractor as an intern. on one to say that there is vast experience from the u.s. and around the world. this is what these two companies have, they have a lot of experience. there was a lot of planning and
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a lot of consideration. they were expected to have this situation. every week, we have a meeting on what we have to do and every single week and every single week, these issues are addressed in town -- are addressed. this is a work in progress and that is why we are here. every square inch of the hospital has been planned.
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and the infirm and the report, we have addressed every single one of those issues and one factor is that i am working there because of my interaction and the college of san francisco and the this deals with the -- i would like to see this environmental report accepted. thank you. >> thank you.
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>> hello. i represent not only the nurses but also the patience. i worked at st. luke's hospital. just recently i had a patient named mrs. rodriguez and who told me thank you for -- because
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i spoke many times. if she does not speak much english and she had to go back and forth many times. as you look at the tapes, we have been here many times. you can clearly see that even today, i almost fainted. they were here standing by us fighting for not downsizing st. luke's him.
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we pressured them to say this experience. they have this committee to make it the more fair. we are fighting for the st. luke's because we are only getting the bad patients. they sent them to us because they were too loud, too stinky. i congratulate local 254 acetylene the issue working the night shift, i just wondered.
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, and the president of the asian american contractors association. and i believe that this has been thoroughly analyzed in the report. san francisco needs this project. we need construction jobs and we need to put small businesses to work. these will create jobs for the
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people of san francisco and this will lower the crime rate. my company -- i look forward to construction so that my employees will have work to support the families. many jobs will be created for san francisco residence. please, support this eir. we need these hospitals for san
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francisco. think you. -- think you. >> solo, and i am a structural engineer. i am the ceo of one of the oldest structural and oldest structural and engineering firms.

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